About Us

House 33 Candle Co. was born from a love of eco-friendly and pure products, paired with a love to create. I initially started hand pouring candles in 2000 after my first daughter was born. Getting to know the craft and falling in love with the chemistry of scent I wanted to continue my hobby but I wanted to perfect my candle to be earth-friendly and pure. I put my idea on hold for a while to fulfill my dream of being a mother, as my second daughter and 4th child was born in 2005. I had little time for my craft, although still loved creating scent mixtures and testing new formulas. It was after my dear father passed away from cancer in 2007 that I took his words to with me. He taught me to follow my heart and be passionate about what you do. That stayed with me and eventually I resumed my craft but this time focused 100% on the formula and scent pairings, creating them all-naturally.

In 2013 we began sharing these candles & ventured into local craft shows. 

on a side note: I have been crafting candles since 2000! This is our 18th year. This has been years of testing and creating scent formulas that we would not sell if not proven to be great fragrances and burn to the full melt pool of your jar, plus to burn clean. THAT is big to us. Our candles are infused with high quality natural soy and beeswax and organic essential oils, non-toxic ingredients.

You will not see tunneling ever or black soot.  We are so happy and grateful to all of the wonderful customers we've met over the years and the trust you have given House 33 Candle Co.
Thank you for stopping by and spending time to find out more about us. 

Thank you for your support and for visiting our shop! 
for any questions, requests, or collaborations, please email us at hello@house33candleco.com

please use the hashtag #unlockyourkeyscent on instagram, twitter, facebook and all social media platforms when showing our photos, we greatly appreciate that!

You can find us
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